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Our History

The History of VisionArts in Callaway County

VisionArts History in Callaway County infographic


Early Years

VisionArts Eyecare Center has a long standing commitment to serving Callaway County and the surrounding areas. The original optometric practice, located in office space above the Callaway Bank, was founded in 1949 by William R. Wright, O.D. In 1954, after serving his country in the U.S. Navy during WWII, Richard C. White, O.D. purchased the practice from Dr. Wright.

Relocation to 6th Street

Dr. White relocated to the practice to 8 West 6th Street in 1959. During the late 1950s, modern day corneal lenses were invented and Dr. White was on the cutting-edge of fitting of contact lenses. Dr. White continued to successfully provide the community with excellent eye care services for forty years. In 1988, while attending continuing education in foreign body removal at UMSL School of Optometry, Dr. White met optometry student, J.W. Vann. The two continued to communicate and after receiving his doctorate in 1990, J.W. Vann, O.D. joined Dr. White in practice.

Relocation to Market Street

Two years later, in 1992, Dr. Vann purchased the practice from Dr. White and the practice became known as VisionArts Eyecare Center and moved to its current location at 614 Market Street the following year.

“Young Optometrist of the Year”

The following few years brought many changes to the practice including new exam equipment, additional eyewear, and new contact lens options, as well as the retirement of Dr. White in 1994. New Field of Vision Technology added in 1998 and in 1999 computerized medical records implemented into the practice. That same year, Dr. Vann was named “Young Optometrist of the Year” by the Missouri Optometric Association. Computerized medical records implemented into the practice.

New Millenium, New Technology

With the new millennia came the EPIC Auto-Refracting System and new Glaucoma technology. Eye-Imaginations Software added to expand patient education in 2003, as well as Magic Mirror Technology added to assist in individualized frame selection. In 2004 Dr. Vann received Marchon Eyewear’s “Leader in the Eyecare Profession” award. Corneal Mapping technology added that same year. As an alternative to dilation, the Optomap Retinal Exam (Optos) was added in 2005. Our office was the 2nd practice in Missouri and is still the only practice in Callaway County to provide this technology.

“Business of the Year”

VisionArts received a “Business of the Year” award by Fulton Area Development Corporation this same year. In 2008, the Optovue OCT was implemented, allowing us to detect glaucoma changes up to 10 years earlier than traditional testing. This was one of first 3 OCTs placed in Missouri and the only one in Callaway County. A Konan Corneal Cell Analyzer as well as Digital Eye Pressure technology was added in 2009. The following year, we were the first eye care practice in Missouri to begin using a Biophotonic Scanner in order to measure antioxidant levels in the body.

Advanced Eye Care Technology

In 2011 we became the only practice in Missouri to offer anti-aging technology allowing patients to avoid or delay Botox or eyelid surgery. That same year, we introduced Z-Vue High-Definition Lens Technology. 2012 brought with it tear lab testing to evaluate tear quality, and also Macula Risk DNA Testing for macular degeneration. Vita Risk testing was added to the Macula Risk Testing in 2013, allowing us to recommend specific eye vitamins based on each patient’s genetic makeup. Also in 2013, Visually Evoked Potential testing was implemented, which performs similarly to and EKG, showing us how your brain & your eyes communicate. We began performing ClearPath DS-120 scans in 2014, allowing us to evaluate how a patient’s body has processed glucose over his or her entire lifetime, thus giving us insight into the patient’s potential to develop diabetes seven years sooner than any blood test. That year, Transitions Optical also chose VisionArts Eyecare Center as one of the top six eye care practices in the nation among the thousands of practices that offer the Transitions Brand Family of Adaptive Lenses.

“Top 3 Eye Care Practices in the Nation!”

Again in 2015, Transitions Optical named VisionArts one of the top three eye care practices in the nation. We are also a finalist for Transitions Optical’s Innovation Award for Best in Patient Experience. We were also the first eye care practice in the state of Missouri to begin using the Visioffice 2 measuring system, which allows us to prescribe, fully customized, high definition lenses to our patients. Dr. Vann celebrated his 25th year as an eye care practitioner in 2015, and he is committed to bringing the community many more years of cutting edge eye care with personalized patient care and innovative health technology.