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Are Transitions® Right For You?

YES! Transitions® lenses are for everybody. No matter where you live or what you do, there is a Transitions® lens to fit your needs and lifestyle!

Find out which Transitions® lenses are right for you:

  • Designed to be worn indoors and to automatically adapt when outdoors, Transitions® Signature VII™ to give you a more comfortable vision while protecting your eyes from damaging UV light.
  • Offering a slight indoor tint, the darkest tint outdoors, and moderate tint behind the windshield, Transitions®  XTRActive® lenses are always working to protect your eyes.
  • The only photochromic lens to also offer variable polarization.  Transitions® Vantage™ is perfect for people who spend the majority of their day outdoors.
  • Transitions® Drivewear® combines Transitions® photochromic technology with NuPolar® polarization to create a sun lens that not only adapts to changing light, but polarizes based on the amount of glare present.