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Are Transitions® Lenses Right For Kids?

Yes! Kids spend more time outdoors and their eyes absorb three times more UV radiation than adults. In fact, studies show that nearly 80% of all UV damage to the eyes is done before the age of 18. For kids, 100% UV protection is a must, and if they already wear glasses, Transitions® Signature VII™ lenses are the obvious choice. The built-in UV protection of Signature VII™ lenses ensures that they safe from the sun, and the convenience of automatically tinting lenses reduces glare and eyestrain on their sensitive eyes. The protection of Signature VII™ lenses doesn’t end when your child walks indoors, either. Even in their clear state, Signature VII™ lenses filter 20% of the harmful blue light emitted from tablets, smartphones, flat screen TVs and high-efficiency lighting.

Plus, kids think Transitions® lenses are awesome!

Find out about Transitions® and Blue Light!

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