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Transitions® Adaptive Lenses

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Transitions® Adaptive Lenses are a hands-free, convenient way to protect your eyes in all light settings. Transitions® Lenses automatically adjust from clear indoors to dark outdoors, helping your eyes adjust to the changing light so you have optimal vision at all times. Unlike sunglasses, these lenses are designed to be worn all day, both inside and outside, reducing eyestrain and fatigue, blocking 100% of UVA and UVB light, and protecting your eyes from blue light. No matter what light setting you encounter, Transitions® lenses adapt to the perfect shade, so you always have exactly the right amount of light.

  • Indoors, outdoors, day and night—while working, reading, playing or just kicking back with family or friends, your life is unique. And uniquely busy. In a perfect world, your everyday lenses would help you see better, feel better and look better; all while protecting your eyes day-in and day-out.
  • Kids are even more susceptible to UV damage than adults.  Transitions® provides 100% protection from UV, filters blue light, and automatically tints to reduce glare.  This built-in protection is an obvious choice for kids.
  • Everyone knows that Transitions® lenses protect your eyes from the sun when you're outdoors, but they also protect your eyes from harmful blue light indoors.