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Quality Sunglasses = Quality Eye Health & Vision

Living in Fulton, MO you Need Sunglasses!

Do you value your eyesight? The best way to keep your eyes healthy and safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays is with a pair of high quality sunglasses.

Ultimate Protection

Compromising on quality with a pair of inexpensive sunglasses from the drugstore rack can be dangerous! It will compromise your protection from the sun and can lead to lasting damage to your vision.

Protect Your Eyes & Look Great with Designer Frames in Fulton, MO

With regard to lifestyle, sunglasses reduce the amount of bright sunlight that shines into your eyes and interferes with your sight. Your sunglasses need to provide superior vision under all outdoor conditions. With regard to your health, effective nonprescription and prescription sunglasses should block 100% of the UV light that shines on you. Many lower quality sunglass lenses do not do this. Be aware that darker lenses bear no connection to the level of protection!

Reduce Your Health Risks

There are significant health advantages to wearing quality sunglasses. Select a pair of high-caliber sunglasses from our Fulton optical store to help prevent the following:

  • Photokeratitis – a painful burn on the surface of your outer eye
  • Eye and eyelid cancers
  • Development of cataracts
  • Ocular growths
  • Increased risk of many age-related eye conditions

Longer Lasting

Cheap quality sunglasses are typically fit with poor plastic lenses, which skew your vision with waves and distorted colors. Additionally, most people are constantly tossing their sunglasses here and there, exposing them to tough wear and tear. Manufacturers of high-end, designer sunglasses consider the way you live – and therefore construct sunglasses with durable engineering and materials that last.

Customized for You

Your hobbies and daily activities determine the type of sunglasses that you need. The ideal color and glare protection of your sunglass lenses varies, depending upon how you spend your time outdoors. If you are frequently on or near water, or on the ski slopes, you’ll need different sunglasses than if you regularly tee off on the golf course. Long-distance drivers may find that polarized sunglasses distort the instrument panel. Tell us about yourself, and we’ll recommend the perfect quality sunglasses from our Fulton collection.

To function well, sunglasses also need to fit well. Our opticians will check how your sunglasses rest on your face, making sure that you benefit from maximum protection and comfortable wear.

Sensational Sunglasses Collection in Fulton, MO

We feature a fantastic array of designer sunglasses in Fulton, MO. We only stock sunglasses with frames that withstand the rigors of daily life and lenses that give crisp vision, while completely blocking dangerous UVA and UVB light rays.

Don’t forget about your kids! Children are at a particular risk for eye damage from UV rays, as they spend more time outdoors than adults do. Bring your kids to our Fulton store so they can choose for themselves.

We recognize that sunglasses are an awesome fashion accessory, and we stock our shelves with a stylish range of quality frames to flatter your look. Our collection includes many high-fashion sunglasses for adults and children, with brand-name designers that you know and love!

Sunglasses Q&A
with Dr. James Vann

What is UV light?

UV light is the invisible part of the sun’s wavelength spectrum and is divided into three parts: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC is filtered out by the Earth’s ozone layer; but, UVA and UVB have been shown to be harmful to the eye.  The damage caused by unprotected exposure to UV light has a cumulative effect and over time it can lead to vision loss.

When does UV light affect my eyes?

UV light is a danger to your eyes any time you are outside during the day.  UV is not filtered by cloud cover, so whether the weather is sunny or overcast, you still need to protect your eyes when you are outside.  The most intense UV radiation is present between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm.

How can I protect my eyes from UV light?

You must wear lenses that filter UV light in order to prevent damage to your eyes. Look for sunglasses that protect you from 99% -100% of both UVA and UVB light.  While some lens materials and lens treatments also provide UV protection in your regular glasses, those frames do not fit the same way sunglasses do.  Wrap-around, snug fitting sunglasses, or oversized sunglasses are the only way to prevent harmful UV light from entering around the frame.

Do I still need UV protective sunglasses if my lenses are really dark?

Yes!  Many people think that the darkness of the lens is what protects their eyes. The amount of tint has no effect on the UV protection.  The sunglass lenses are tinted to provide visual comfort not UV protection.  In fact, certain clear lenses can block 100% of UV light.  It is important to note that wearing dark lenses that do not offer 99%-100% UV protection will actually cause even more harm to your eyes.  Dark lenses cause your pupils to open up, so without UV protection, they will allow even more UV light to enter the eye and cause damage.

Which lens color is the best?

Lens color is a personal choice and doesn't affect how well sunglass lenses protect your eyes from UV light.  Different lens colors do enhance your vision for certain activities.  Talk to an optician about which lens color would be the best choice for you and your lifestyle.

What is polarization?

Reflections from the sun bounce off of reflective surfaces such as snow, water, and oncoming vehicles and cause glare that is uncomfortable for vision.  This glare can be nearly blinding in certain situations and can be dangerous when driving. Polarized lenses eliminate the light waves that cause this glare providing more comfortable and safer vision.

I wear prescription glasses. What options are available to me?

The best option is prescription sunglasses.  Sunglasses frames fit differently than your regular glasses and prevent light from entering in around the frame.  If a second pair of glasses is not an option, consider a polarized sun clip.  These clips can be cut to perfectly match the shape of your frame and mount either with magnets placed in your lenses or by clipping around the edge of the frame.  Wearing Transitions adaptive lenses in your everyday glasses will provide 100% UV protection during those times when switching to your sunglasses is inconvenient.

I can’t get my child to wear sunglasses. Should I worry?

Yes!  Children are especially at risk because they typically spend more time in the sun than adults.  In fact, it is estimated that 80% of a person’s UV exposure happens before the age of 18.  Because UV damage is cumulative over a person's lifetime, this means you should begin protecting your child's eyes as soon as possible.

  • Think fashion and function when choosing the right shades for you.
  • For clear, comfortable vision outdoors or when driving, prescription sunglasses eliminate glare which can reduce vision and cause eye strain.
  • Because children spend so much time outdoors in direct sunlight, they need sun protection even more than adults.
  • Pamper your eyes while in the sun, driving or playing at the beach—all the while delivering the vision correction you need in a second pair of glasses.
  • Activity-specific lenses can enhance whatever activities you enjoy.