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Our Opticians’ Picks


Each of our opticians at VisionArts has her own sense of style and her own unique use for glasses frames. This month we are featuring Aspire Eyewear from ClearVision. You will also see Dr. Vann wearing Aspire frames!









Gayle, primarily a contact lens wearer, wears non-prescription eyewear over her contact lenses to protect her eyes from harmful blue light while at work. So when she looks for a frame, she wants something she won’t notice; lightweight and comfortable while still being fashionable.

Holly corrects her vision with corneal molding, so when she wears her glasses, she is using them as a fashion statement.  She wants unique shapes and colors that act as an accessory to compliment her outfit.

Chris typically only wears her glasses at the computer, so she enjoys choosing trendy frames that she can have a little fun with.

Christina is a full time wearer who relies on her glasses in order to see, so she needs a comfortable, durable frame that she can depend on, but that is on trend and can be worn with many different outfits.

You can imagine that there is rarely one single frame line that fits the needs of each of our opticians, but Aspire Eyewear from ClearVision is a hit with all of them.  The opticians at VisionArts aren’t the only ones who love Aspire frames.  Many of the other staff members are also wearing Aspire frames, including Dr. Vann.

What’s so special about Aspire? Everything!  These gorgeous frames are surprisingly lightweight and offer a wide selection of shapes and colors. You can even mix and match frame fronts and temples to get a frame that is uniquely you.   It’s the best of everything one would look for in a frame.

Aspire Eyewear is created using a specially designed nylon material to create extremely lightweight eyewear; 50% lighter than the typical plastic frame and 22% lighter than the typical titanium frame.  This hypoallergenic material also provides incomparable thinness (50% thinner than the typical plastic frame) in a strong and durable frame.  Aspire uses 3D technology to design the frames, which reduces the development time of a frame from the typical 20 weeks down to about 60 minutes.  This allows the Aspire brand to more rapidly produce new frame styles, ensuring that they are always on the cutting edge of eyewear fashion trends.

If you are looking for lightweight and comfortable frame, without compromising style, then Aspire has a frame for you. Check out our staff’s personal Aspire frame choices below, and then stop by the office to find the Aspire frame that is perfect for you!