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Duette Hybrid Contact Lenses

Duette hybrid contact lenses provide exception vision and comfort for contact lens wearers. The combination of a hard, gas permeable lens in the center with a soft skirt around the edge of the lens provides the best contact lens experience for hard to fit patients or anyone looking for uncompromised vision. The rigid center offers crisp, clear vision while the soft skirt ensures breathable comfort all day long. Duette’s rigid center is not dependent on the position of the lens like many contacts, therefore, your lenses are free from rotation and your vision is constantly clear. If you’ve ever been told you can’t wear contact lenses in the past, contact your Fulton and Jefferson City optometrist today and find out if Duette hybrid lenses might be right for you.

Hybrid contact lenses in fulton mo near jefferson city

We also carry toric contact lenses for astigmatism!