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5 things to consider when shopping for glasses in Fulton, MO

36637451 1900616739984579 2102830908837986304 nShopping for glasses is a big deal. After all, the quality of your vision is at stake. No matter where you buy glasses, there are certain things you should think about before making such an important purchase. Of course, I can only tell you what we do here at my office, but the following information will arm you with the right questions to ask wherever you shop.

1. Compare equal quality products.
We understand budget can be an issue, which is why at VisionArts, we provide only the best quality frames and lenses in a wide range of prices. You can be sure that you are getting the most for your money, no matter your budget.
While all companies claim to have similar products, quality can vary widely. Lens designs, lens treatments, and even the lens material itself will differ from company to company. With different types of lenses, the visual performance and durability of the lenses will vary, as well.
The same goes for frames. The quality of frame materials, durability, and weight of the frames will vary among brands.

2. Enlist the assistance of our trained opticians
Our opticians know the questions to ask to help you choose the best lenses for your visual needs. They will help you in selecting the best type of non-glare, the appropriate type and color of Transitions, the proper lens design, and the material needed to accommodate your prescription. They will also accurately take the necessary measurements to ensure that your lenses perform properly.
Once again, the same is true of your frame. While it’s fun to wear fashionable frames, the way the frame fits is most important. Our opticians are trained to properly fit frames to faces to ensure maximum comfort. In addition, the size of the frame does affect the thickness of your lenses, and in fact, some frames may not accommodate certain prescriptions at all.
After your purchase, our opticians are also there to help you with free adjustments for the life of your glasses. Should you purchase your glasses elsewhere, they will be happy to adjust your glasses for a small fee.

3. Rest assured, we stand behind our products
We know people change their minds sometimes. That’s we offer an exchange guarantee within the first 90 days of purchase. Whether you fall out of love with your new frame, wish you had chosen a different color of Transitions, or anything else, we’ll fix it for you, often at no additional cost to you.
Most of our frames and all of our non-glare lenses also come with a warranty that includes a one time no cost replacement during the first two years of purchase.

4. Use your vision insurance
If you have vision insurance, don’t let that go to waste! Our opticians will make sure they maximize your insurance benefits to get you the best price possible on the frame and lenses you choose. Most insurance companies dictate the pricing for each category of product, but as previously mentioned, the quality of products within those categories can vary widely. We make sure to choose the best products in each price category to ensure that you are getting the most for your money.

5. Take advantage of special savings
At VisionArts second pairs are always available to you at a 50% savings within 30 days of your original purchase. Throughout the year, we also offer other savings on additional pairs of glasses. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or website for promotions.