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Dry Eye Diagnosis with TearLab

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TearLabAlthough dry eye is extremely common, all patients do not share the exact same symptoms. Some individuals complain of a constant need to rub their eyes, while others describe stinging or a gritty sensation in their eyes. Therefore, it’s challenging to make a firm diagnosis of dry eye on the basis of symptoms alone. In addition to performing a comprehensive eye exam on patients who experience dry eye irritations, our eye doctors will use the advanced TearLab Osmolarity System to confirm diagnosis at our specialized clinic.

How does it work? Hyperosmolarity is one symptom common to all people seeking dry eye help. Defined simply, this means that your tears are overly salty. Using the TearLab test, we’ll analyze your osmolarity with a tiny sample of your tears – approximately 50-nanoliters (smaller than the period of this sentence!) is all that’s needed. The tear sample is taken quickly and painlessly from the inner lining of your lower eyelid, and the rapid results take about 10 minutes to achieve.

Many other ocular conditions are associated with the typical symptoms of dry eye. Yet the TearLab Osmolarity System enables us to quickly rule out other potentially damaging problems.

You’ll have a firm diagnosis before your appointment ends at our Dry Eye Center. TearLab technology is now regarded by eye care professionals as the most objective and precise gold standard for diagnosing dry eye.

Once your dry eye diagnosis is verified, we will be able to recommend the most appropriate dry eye treatment for your condition. Additionally, TearLab helps our team to monitor your condition for changes over time. We’ll be able to scientifically assess your response to dry eye treatment and recommend alternative methods, if necessary.

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