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Dr. Vann on VisiOffice 2

Visioffice System

1) Please describe what the Visioffice System is used Visioffice mexico mo eye examfor and give a basic sense of how it works.
To ensure that the patients’ lenses are the most accurate they can possibly be by taking precise measurements based on how the patient wears their frame and their natural head posture and habits.
2) Why are the 20 different measurements that the Visioffice System is able to record, so important in helping patients come out with the best glasses to correct their vision?
In addition to the typical lens fitting measurements of pupillary distances, optical center, and fitting heights, the Visioffice also takes measurements specific to how the patient naturally views his or her environment as well as measurement specific to how the chosen frame fits the patient. These measurements include identifying the dominant eye and the ratio of eye movement to head movement. The Visioffice also measures the natural head posture of the patient as well as the preferred reading distance. In regards to the frame, the Visioffice identifies the distance between the back of the lens and the eye, the wrap of the frame, and the pantoscopic tilt of the frame. Utilizing these measurements allows the creation of a truly personalized lens design. By including these parameters that are specific to the patient, the lens can be created to deliver a clearer, sharper visual experience that is 5 times more accurate than any other lens design.
3) What types of significant problems or pitfalls does the Visioffice System help deter in fitting glasses for patients?
The Visioffice removes human error, which allows for consistent, accurate measurements. It also provides us with measurements that we would not otherwise be able to take, allowing us to fully customize the lenses for the patient.
4) Most practices in your area do not have this cutting-edge technological capability. What is it about this particular technology that you find most exciting; the component that made you feel you need to invest in this for your practice?
We are actually the first office in all of Missouri to have the Visioffice 2! Our mission is to improve the quality of our patients’ lives through compassionate care, individualized education, and innovative health technology. The Visioffice falls right in line with that by providing us with the ability to create fully customized, high-definition lens for our patients ensuring that they have the best possible vision.
5) Can you describe the patient experience when using the Visioffice System?
The process is quick and simple. After the frame is properly adjusted for the patient, a frame clip is placed on the frame. The patient then wears the frame while a high-speed, high definition video camera records the patient as they look straight ahead and to the side. The patient will then hold a reading card at a comfortable distance while more measurements are recorded. Finally, the patient is asked to follow a series of flashing lights to finalize the measurements.
6) Do the patients that walk through your doors day in and day out, appreciate the upgrade in technology?
We have only had the Visioffice for three weeks, but our patients are extremely excited that we can now provide them with the most cutting edge lens designs available. Our patients appreciate that their new lenses will be fully customized for them.