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VisiOffice 2

Introducing the revolutionary new VisiOffice 2!

This amazing system ensures that the lenses that Dr. Vann and his team at VisionArts Eyecare Center are the most accurate they can possibly be.

In addition to the traditional lens fitting measurements, such as pupillary distances, optical center, and fitting heights, the Visioffice also takes measurements specific to how you naturally view your environment, as well as measurements specific to how your choice of frame fits you. These measurements include identifying the dominant eye and the ratio of eye movement to head movement, as well as your natural head posture and your preferred reading distance. The Visioffice also identifies the distance between the back of the lens and the eye, the wrap of the frame, and the pantoscopic tilt of the frame to further increase visual accuity and comfort.

Utilizing these measurements allows the creation of a truly personalized lens design. By including these parameters that are specific to the patient, the lens can be created to deliver a clearer, sharper visual experience that is 5 times more accurate than any other lens design.

VisionArts Eyecare Center is the first eyecare practice in the state of Missouri to acquire the VisiOffice system. Come on in to the office or schedule an appointment online today to see the difference this amazing system can make!


For more information, see Dr. Vann’s interview about VisiOffice below.