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Fulton Optometrist – Protect Your Eyes

Remote Learning Blue Light Glasses Can Protect Your Eyes

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Many eye diseases can be quickly and easily diagnosed during a Comprehensive eye exam, Pediatric eye exam and Contact lens eye exam. If you were diagnosed with an eye disease, such as Myopia or Nearsightedness, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular degeneration, Diabetic retinopathy, or Dry eye, you may be overwhelmed by the diagnosis and confused about what happens next. Will you need medications or surgery – now or in the future? Is LASIK eye and vision surgery an option for you ? Our Fulton eye doctor is always ready to answer your questions about eye disease and Contact lenses.

Remote Learning? Blue Light Glasses Can Protect Your Eyes

In normal amounts, blue light can be beneficial for your health, setting your sleep-wake cycle and boosting your mood. But overexposure to blue light, especially when the source is digital devices, can increase certain health risks. In particular, it can strain your eyes and lead to a slew of painful symptoms. Nowadays, as the number of students learning remotely has risen dramatically, the damaging effects of blue light on eyes has become a hot topic. To protect and soothe your vision, our eye doctor near you recommends purchasing a pair of blue light glasses, available at our eye clinic.

What do blue light glasses do?

Blue light glasses help to filter out blue light rays. If you have a pair, you can see the difference for yourself – point a blue light pen at one lens, and you’ll notice immediately that the brightness getting through the lens becomes much weaker compared to what happens with a regular unfiltered lens.

Are all blue light glasses the same?

No. In addition to coming in all sizes and crafted for just about all prescriptions, blue light glasses come in different color tints that filter out varying amounts of brightness. That’s because blue light comes from various sources that have different intensities, such as the sun, laptops, smartphones and all LED lights. To find the best blue light glasses for your lifestyle, consult with our eye care professional.

What problems can blue light cause?

If too much time is spent exposed to blue light, it can interrupt your circadian rhythm, making it hard to sleep, or it can put tremendous strain on your eyes. Consequently, all that time spent learning remotely can make you tired, distracted and less able to focus on your school work.

Additionally, overexposure to blue light may be linked to an increased risk of vision loss as a result of macular degeneration in the future, as well as potential overstimulation for anyone on the autism spectrum.

In sum, blue light glasses can enhance your visual comfort and eye health. Stop by our eye care center to book an eye exam with our knowledgeable eye doctor near you, and to learn more about how to stay safe from blue light.

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