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Hybrid Contact Lenses: A Solution for Hard to Fit Patients

Jefferson City contact lensesHave you ever been told you can’t wear contact lenses? Do you currently wear contacts but feel like you have to choose between comfort and optimal vision?  Difficulty wearing contact lenses is not uncommon and can result from various conditions of the eye.  If you are someone who has had difficulty in the past, there is an innovative new type of contact lens may be the perfect solution for you.  These new “hybrid” contact lenses combine the clarity of a hard lens with the comfort of a soft lens.  Hybrid contacts are the solution for nearly every hard to fit patient and are available for virtually any prescription, including toric lenses for astigmatism and multifocal lenses.

So, who will benefit from wearing hybrid contact lenses?  Anyone who wants superior vision and comfort from a contact lens; but we have some very specific uses for them here in our office.

Very high or complicated prescriptions

Patients with extremely high or complicated prescriptions are often difficult to fit in contacts.  Their clarity of vision is compromised by soft contact lenses, but the comfort and ease of wear is compromised by hard contact lenses.  Hybrid contact lens technology allows us to successfully fit these patients in a comfortable contact lens that also provides the superior vision correction necessary for their prescription.

Post-surgery or post-injury

Post-surgery and post-injury patients are also perfect candidates for hybrid contact lenses.  While both hard and soft contacts rest directly on the cornea when inserted, hybrid contact lenses have a vaulted design, so the lens itself never touches the cornea, making them ideal for post-surgery or post-injury patients.  There is also no lens rotation in the hybrid lens so the stability of the lens prevents any irritation while the cornea heals.

contact lenses Jefferson City Astigmatism

Because there is no lens rotation, many of our patients with astigmatism also have wonderful success with hybrid contact lenses.  Toric lenses often move around on the eye, and the vision goes in and out of focus.  With hybrid contacts, the lenses stay put, and the vision is consistently clear.

Dry Eyes

For those who have been unsuccessful with contact lenses in the past due to dry eyes, hybrid contacts also provide a solution.  While the rigid center provides them with crisp optics, the vaulted design combined with the soft skirt allows for optimal oxygen and tear circulation that regular contact lenses cannot provide.

As you can see, hybrid contact lenses can provide exceptional vision and comfort for nearly every contact lens wearer.  If you’ve ever been told you can’t wear contact lenses in the past, contact us to see if hybrid lenses might be right for you.