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Surgical-free Perfect Vision All Day Long!

crt-small pic not for smcIf you’re thinking about laser vision correction, consider this: you can now have a surgical-free procedure called corneal reshaping therapy or CRT. CRT involves wearing a special contact lens each night to reshape your cornea.  Like laser vision correction, corneal reshaping can provide 20/20 vision and allows you to enjoy your day without the hassles of daytime contacts or glasses – and without undergoing a permanent surgical procedure.  CRT is a safe method of reshaping your cornea overnight using specially designed contact lenses.  FDA approved for all ages, CRT is GREAT for kids with an active lifestyle and and slows the progression of nearsightedness – even in those with astigmatism.

CRT is ideal for:

  • Kids and teens with active lifestyles who may be concerned about their myopia, or who want freedom from the hassle or discomfort of daytime contacts. There is no age restriction for wearing CRT.
  • Parents concerned about their child losing or breaking their contacts or glasses while at school or play. Parents appreciate being able to supervise their child’s wearing schedule each evening, which ensures they wake up to great vision every day.
  • Adults suffering from dry or uncomfortable soft contact lenses or those who dropped out of lens wear altogether. Corneal Reshaping with Paragon CRT is safe and effective.

Interested in learning if CRT is right for you or your child? Call our office today to schedule a free screening!