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VisionArts’ 4 Ingredients for Success: Ingredient 4, Community Involvement

At VisionArts Eye Care Center in Fulton, Missouri, we believe in giving our patients the best experience possible, and helping our patients take care of their long term eye and vision health. In our pursuit to be ever better and help our patients more, we have found 4 important ingredients for success. In this post, we’ll discuss Ingredient number four,

Community Involvement

As an example of one of our most important community involvement projects, each spring, we host a special event that we call the “Great Glasses Play Day.” During the Great Glasses Day, we invite the entire community to come to a local park to learn more about the hows and whys of eye health while creating eye glasses related crafts, playing carnival games and enjoying eye healthy smoothies made by Dr. Vann himself! We also participate in a back to school fair every year to help families get free school supplies. Along with our assigned school supply that we supply to each participant for the year, we hand out activity books entitled 'Eye Didn’t Know That'. These fun books teach children all about their eyes and healthy vision. The yearly Healthy Kids’ Days, which we also participate in, are held at the local YMCA, where second and third graders from each of the three elementary schools in our city come to learn all about being healthy. We teach them how to care for their eyes, what foods to eat to take care of their vision, and habits that will help keep their eyes healthy throughout their lifetime. girls in frames

Beyond children, our staff members frequently attend health fairs at local businesses, the colleges, and the university in our city. These health fairs provide us the opportunity to offer complimentary Biophotonic scans and Clearpath DS-120 scans to participants. Dr. Vann presents seminars to focus on healthy vision and disease prevention at many of these health fairs.

We also help with community service and charity work. For nine years we had our own not-for-profit called Second Sight Friends, which raised money to purchase low vision aids for senior citizens in the community. These included CCTVs, talking alarm clocks, reading lamps, large print books, magnifying glasses, and many other items. In 2015, the organization was renamed VisionArts Caring for Callaway, and we expanded on our original mission, choosing a different charity each year and focusing all of our efforts toward that particular cause. This year, the local food pantry will receive over $3000 in funds we raised. In addition, we have a "Casual For A Cause" each month.
We are proud to be a part of the Fulton community, and are always excited to give back and help those less fortunate. To find out more about our community work, come in and see us today!