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VisionArts’ 4 Ingredients for Success: Ingredient 3 – Our Caring Staff

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Here at VisionArts Eyecare Center, we strive to offer the best eyecare experience possible to each and every one of our patients. To that end, we have developed a four-piece strategy to make sure that every aspect of your experience with us is top notch! In this installment, we discuss our ingredient #3: Our Caring and Professional Staff.

Although we offer among the most advanced equipment in the eyecare world today, this is hardly what sets us apart from the crowd. Anyone can purchase the technology and offer the products, but it’s the heart behind the care that really counts!

Eye Doctor's Motto: Hire Heart, Teach Skill

Dr. Vann, the optometrist, and his wife have a motto that really puts this in the forefront: hire heart, teach skill. This makes all the difference. Compassion and genuine care for our patients and our community is the guiding principle behind everything we do. This devotion to providing the best patient care possible is what guarantees each patient has an incredible experience in our office.

Extensive and Ongoing Staff Training

We also back-up our incredible heart with an extensive training program, including weekly meetings to review our systems and ensure that we are reaching our goals. These meetings include discussions about upcoming promotions, events, and the daily systems that make our office run smoothly. Our staff also has quarterly retreats that focus on going further in depth on our systems and product specifics. During this time, we also review the purpose of our various tests, what diseases they monitor or diagnose, and how those diseases affect the health and vision of our patients. Our brand reps, vendors, and our lab rep often provide us with in depth training as well.  Dr. Vann helps each member of the staff become an expert in their particular area and each staff member is expected have a solid understanding of the entire office’s work flow. We see this as the best way to provide the superior care to our patients for which VisionArts has always been known.

We're Passionate About...

Here at VisionArts, our practice is built on a culture of caring.  We are passionate about our patients, passionate about our community and we genuinely love what we do.  This past August, we celebrated the silver anniversary of our practice. After twenty-five years in business as the only locally owned and operated eye care practice in our county, we are proud to say we are still on the cutting edge of the eye care industry. Always caring, always learning, and always growing; that is what makes us VisionArts Eyecare Center